Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My favourite craft books

Ok, this post should really be called 'look I've learned how to make a photograph mosaic and how to put clickable photographs on your blog' because they are all clickable!!! Admittedly they do all take you to Amazon because that's where the books are sold but this is huge progress for me.
These are my absolute favourite craft books, most especially 'bend the rules' which I am using now to teach my nine year old daughter to sew with. The projects are simple but still useful and the instructions are pretty fool proof (there are some errata on the 'bend the rules' flickr group.
Alabama stitch book is where I have learned to hand sew, I love love love this book and I truly do want the new studio book too.
The glove knitting book has every type of glove you could ever wish for, it really is beautiful and I have made many pairs of gloves from it.
I just love the way Suzuko Koseki puts prints and colours together in patchwork style, the log cabin quilt is just so cool, I couldn't have imagined log cabin ever looking so clean and modern.
Poppy Treffry's stuff is just fun and gorgeous and makes lovely presents for people (when I can get my machine to perform properly)
And finally sewing clothes for children just has fabulous patterns that can be messed with according to how your child wants their clothes to look, frills, ribbons and patches or sober, cool and modern.
No doubt over the next couple of days I will find more reasons to create more mosaics, the main one being folksy friday, so look out for more mosaics.
And here is where I found out how to do this
I'd love to hear about your favourite craft books too.

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