Thursday, 20 May 2010

A little bit of crazy french

I am about to run a french session at our home education group so I searched out some old french books and found this crazy(well used and grubby) book that I actually learned a lot of french from, I think it's doctor seuss
I have always remembered this particular phrase, after all who knows when you might need to speak to a cat, Alice needed to!
I do wonder what kind of a travelling child this book was meant for

and although I have never been trapped in a freezer I am safe in the knowledge that I can tell people how cold it is if I ever do get stuck in one, but my favourite is this...

another phrase I always remember but sadly I don't have a sailboat to sink.
Do you know of more fun language books because I'm sure my love of languages all started with this book. 


  1. So LOVE this!! Thanks for posting that, it is hilarious!! I am sorry I haven't got any funnies to show you but sure enjoyed these pages!!

  2. hehehe, we have a copy of that at the shop, except we brought it to make envelopes out of instead of learning from it. hope we havn't wasted an opportunity!!

  3. that's funny! thanks for the giggle this morning!

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  5. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who found it funny! I think you have shared the learning by turning it into envelopes, I can't believe another copy existed!