Friday, 20 November 2009

On knitting gloves

I thought while I had a bit of 'me time' on the sofa with a cold in a silent house I would show you what's on my needles at the moment. I got this fantastic book for christmas last year - Robin Melanson's 'Knitting new mittens and gloves' and I would recommend it to anyone who likes small projects, there's a range from simple to fiddly.
These are on my needles at the moment, they're called Aethelwyne, which apparently means 'friend of the elves' and as I have a lot of little potential elves around I think there may be as many as four pairs of these coming off my needles by christmas. I love the little bobbles around the wrist and the pointy tips

These are some fairisle gloves that I knitted in January from the book, fiddly but fun to do

I have already made a few pairs of these wrist warmers as I love fingerless gloves, there is a crochet loop for the thumb which works wonderfully to keep them in place. I think a few pairs of these are in the christmas gift queue

and these, I just love. I'm not sure if they're practical but I so want to make them, they make me think of wedding gloves for a winter wedding.

So back to my knitting now as I've realised that's quite a long list with only a few weeks to christmas!

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