Monday, 30 November 2009

Colder and colder

We bravely faced the cold biting wind at the weekend to go for a walk on Sennen beach. The walk was brisk and the adults spent a lot longer in the cafe drinking hot chocolate with everything (yum) than walking.
This summery blue sign looks as though it was left behind when everyone left in the summer.
The children went back on to the beach, their resilience towards the cold never ceases to amaze me (I should say that the intention of this trip had been for the boys to go surfing but it really was too rough). They did a bit of beach combing and found jellyfish and these strange but beautiful things
I'm sure they know what they are but I don't so I'll have to admire the photo in ignorance for now, but if I find out I will post the answer. All the photos are yet again by T. I can't seem to get the camera off him at the moment so my posts are dictated by what he chooses to photograph.

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