Friday, 20 November 2009

the difficulty of the yes, no game

When there are colds in the house A knows how to keep the victim (me, on this occasion) entertained. First you have to make yourself comfortable and A knows how to be comfortable! Three sheepskins and a cushion, that should do it. Now we can begin the yes, no game.
A thinks of an animal and I have to ask questions to which she can only answer yes or no then I have to guess the animal. The problem is sometimes it's just not a yes or a no
'Do I like hot places?'
'well I'm not sure'
Do I like cold places?'
'sometimes you don't mind it a bit hot but sometimes you like it cold'
I don't think we've ever got through this game with only 'yes' or 'no' as an answer, it just shows that life is never black and white.
We can knit while we play so A is plodding on with her monkey that she began a year ago but only picks up when grandma asks how she's getting on with it. She's nearing the end now, she's on the tail.

And I'm starting christmas presents. So A and I can have a little quiet time together, which we both love, and be productive as well.

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