Monday, 26 October 2009


Every so often I find that none of the books I pick up are satisfying and when that happens I tend to go on a crime frenzy. I do tend to favour the Agatha Christie, Dorothy L Sayers type of crime novel where everyone is terribly civilised and no one gets over emotional about a murder,especially not if it's a rich relative that they inherit from. So the Marjorie Allingham novel that I saw recommended by PD James (whose Dalgliesh novels I love when I am in a crime mood) fits the bill perfectly.

But, I do also like the Stieg Larrsson novels, I have finished the first and when I finish my gentle English detective novel I may feel brave enough to venture on to the second. The first was a really good book, surprisingly political. I had been under the impression that Sweden was a very tolerant and civilised country but this novel shows a different side to Swedish policies. It is quite a brutal novel though and, I suppose, more realistic than my quiet English detective stories, so at the moment I'm sticking to a bit of unrealistic reading.

A and I also finished 'The Little White Horse' this week which was fabulously magical and I would recommend it to anyone. The film of the book has had bad reviews and I have to say that the stills we saw didn't look anything like the carefully described Moonacre manor. The book is so beautiful that we have decided not to spoil it by watching a bad adaptation of it.

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