Thursday, 15 October 2009

A day trip

Yesterday we felt soooo lucky as three of us set out for a special day trip. Two couldn't come with us because they are inclined to sea sickness and most of our day was spent on the water...

We took the Scillonian to the isles of Scilly for the day. The boat takes about three hours to get there and we were late setting off but little A saw a minkie whale on the way and all of us just loved being on the sea, looking at all the familiar places on the coast of Cornwall from a most unfamiliar angle and gradually watching the land slip away, until, for a while, we could only see the sea. Then gradually the Scillies appear out of the mists becoming clearer and clearer. We couldn't have wished for more perfect weather or sea.
We landed on St Mary's and then had to rush to catch the wrong boat to Tresco because ours had already left. Once on Tresco we marched to the beautiful Abbey gardens, had a spot of lunch and whizzed round the gardens for half an hour.

In the gardens is a museum to figureheads from wrecked ships, a strange place. Although the colourful figureheads are interesting I rather like the lost arms whose ships cannot be identified, there is something poignant about those limbs holding prayer book and rose.

No sooner had we arrived at Tresco than it seemed we had to set off back again but none of us minded getting back on the water. There is a magic about the isles of Scilly that is best appreciated from the water and as we sailed from Tresco to St Mary's we passed an island of herons and another island of spoonbills. Once back on the Scillonian there were porpoises and gannets diving and feeding and finally an utterly stunning sunset to end our perfect day trip. We still can't believe how lucky we were.

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