Thursday, 22 October 2009

After the extravagance

After the extravagance of our day trip to the Scillies I decided to get some sewing done. So with a bit of swearing at a machine that appeared to keep breaking but in fact only needed a little oil I have managed to put three items on folksy. Of course the weather has changed, so photographing them was not the great success I had hoped for and I have two more items that simply refused to photograph well at all. But you can see what I've made.

A blue green zip purse
A red robin pouch for cards, letters, receipts or anything else you can think of

and a shoulder bag with a very little girl on it and some lovely lining.

Of course the weather has meant that our outings are shorter and so there is more time for sewing.

But there are still creatures worth seeing, even at the edge of town, like this elegant heron that T photographed the other day on our walk to Mousehole.

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