Tuesday, 30 November 2010

it's cold outside

so I'm thinking about knitting.  Of course I'm getting ahead of myself as I am still knitting my socks but they are almost ready for the grand tadah!  and I can start dreaming about my next project, which will be from this lovely book

I have already knitted a few pairs of wrist warmers and one pair of fairisle gloves from here but now my daughter has asked for something a little more complex, isn't that what daughters are for (and sons for that matter)?

fingerless gloves with little hats for the tips of your fingers when it gets really cold

the only problem is that I would like to make these with all that lovely cable and those bobbles

and I only have one ball of luscious wool from Loop.  I was quite worried about this when it occurred to me that I could order another ball!!!  and then we can both have our luscious gloves.  Am I being ambitious?

Is this really likely to stay long enough for me to finish my socks and knit two pairs of complicated gloves?  Oh well, mine will fit next year I suppose


  1. It's cold enough to be worth a try! Anyway, I thought fairisle was complicated? Cables aren't too bad - not that I've made cable mittens.

    Lovely looking book, can't wait to see all your projects :-)

  2. they only had fairisle around the wrists. I could see myself getting confused at the knitting group chatting and doing cables on the round! It is a gorgeous book

  3. Loop ! i love Loop.The new shop is amazing...........let me know if you want anything getting from them