Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Athena book club

Now my children would have called it 'Penzance book club' or 'home ed book club' but there was some lateral thinking at the first meeting of this children's book club set up by our very efficient and lovely friend Jojo. 'Is there a god of books' said one bright spark, to which another replied 'Athena is the goddess of wisdom' and so their book group was named, 'The Athena Book Club'. I especially like the fact that Athena is a she and the book club is all boys apart from Annis.


The first book was a difficult choice because at least one of the children had already read whatever was suggested but in the end they all wanted to read Teague's suggestion of Stormbreaker, a spy book.  But Teague has already read it so he is starting the second book choice

Eragon, which sounds like fun.  They decided most things between themselves and it was a joy to see a group of boys getting excited about books or at least being in a club.  Teague managed to drag one of his book shy friends along and the library have asked if they will hold occasional meetings in the library.  I think this is a fantastic idea, they were very supportive and have offered to get hold of extra copies of their book choices so we don't have to buy the books.

We do love books in this house.  Books form the basis of our home education, and as long as they are reading or being read to I feel happy that they are learning.  So I am so so pleased that they all enjoyed the book club, in fact they were so keen they want to meet up in two weeks rather than the usual month.  Better get them reading!

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