Tuesday, 19 January 2010

quilt or skirt

I finally get around to blogging the christmas making! Most presents, of course, got sent without being photographed but this one is still in the house, being modelled by it's owner T.
I used the 'Bend the rules' lap quilt as a model and just changed the dimensions to suit T and then he chose some scrummy fabrics from fabric rehab (which I completely and utterly adore)
And, although it's hard to see here, the backing fabric is skull and crossbones just in case it was seeming a little fluffy.
I used a thicker wadding which was a nightmare to get through my machine (my machine is getting a little tired these days) but after a lot of swearing it went through and the mistakes are fairly hidden, mainly due to the thick wadding. I've found Amy Karol's Bend the rules a great book for adapting patterns to suit us, a really good beginner's book too.

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