Friday, 22 January 2010

The most luxurious pair of socks I will ever knit

Recently, J worked in London and I suddenly realised he was working in Islington, now to any yarn lover 'Islington' rings bells because it is the home of the luscious 'Loop'. So when he asked what he could bring back for me from the big city I directed him to Loop to bring back the most luxurious sock yarn I am ever likely to be on the receiving end of.
Sadly I was so excited by the yarn that I forgot to photograph it as a skein (we all know how much yummier wool is in a skein) but here is my handmaiden Casbah, the photograph cannot do justice to how utterly soft it is and how scrumptious to knit, I truly never want to stop knitting these socks
He also brought back some yummy soft alpaca by berrocco and although it is a little overshadowed by the casbah (and the photo is a little overexposed) I am still excited about having a gloves project lined up which I will share later.

So for now, all I want to do is knit. But there's home educating, sewing and all that other stuff to fill my time so the knitting is having to come along slowly but gorgeously

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