Monday, 17 August 2009

woodland, beaches and reading

When the sun is out we remember why we live here. There is nothing quite like beaches for passing time...

... except perhaps for our nearby woods, fully equipped with rope swings. I can never quite understand how someone puts a rope swing so high on a seemingly unclimbable tree, I am sure that the technique is explained in Swallows and Amazons when John makes a lighthouse but I didn't take it in and it seems more exciting when you don't know. That said, we all appreciate the efforts of those who do know how to do it and have made the effort to magic those swings up there.

Despite the beauty of the outdoors I can't help having a hankering for being curled up on the sofa reading my un-put-downable book by Stieg Larsson. I have never been able to read on the beach, the sun gets in my eyes, I have to keep turning over to lean on my other arm, I'm too hot, so I have to do my reading in those infrequent moments at home in the summer. I would recommend 'Girl with a dragon tattoo' as a winter book, when there seems to be much more time for not putting your book down.

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