Saturday, 15 August 2009

Beaches and Birthdays

A problem I have always had about blogging is my inherent laziness with technology. I am really too busy to download the thousands of photographs that the children have taken to find the three I have taken. The beachy weather and lots of birthdays and visitors means I haven't written here in quite some time, I could be referred to as a sporadic blogger. But when the sun's out in Cornwall you have to get out there, after all, you never know when it might rain again.
So cousins in the woods in wellies (one split welly leads to a one wellied cousin) to celebrate my 9 year old little girl's birthday.
And cousins on a kayak celebrating the same. I failed to take pictures of cousins celebrating by singing and dancing a 'hoe down' but it happened and it was wonderful.

And then it was time for the big 16 for my eldest, which was celebrated on the beach with kayaking, food and fire. Now all the birthdays and visitors are gone for a while perhaps I will write more frequently, but on the other hand the sun is coming out tomorrow and the beaches are calling yet again.

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